The Reformation of Powder Coating

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With the ability to recycle waste powder coating AND manufacture new powder coating product, Innovakote is reforming the powder coating industry and creating a more circular economy.


Q What is the recycled content that you use?

Through the years of operating Surplus Coatings, a powder coating recycling company, the need was discovered for more recycling outlets.  From their years of experience, Dwayne Behrens, President and Brian Spicer, COO of Surplus Coatings, Innovakote was born.  The “recycled content” that is supplied by Surplus Coatings, is a combination of waste powder coatings.  Waste powder coatings consist of collected over spray, expired, off-spec, reclaimed, or spray to waste powder coating.  Through their analyzation and segregation of “waste powder”, they clean and prepare a recycled content to be used by Innovakote. This “recycled content” is used in amounts of up to 95% per formulation.